The Duck & Drake - Leeds West Yorkshire  
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This month we celebrate fantastic live music
with a day dedicated to awesome Rock.
We call it - ROCKTOBER!!
Roctober 2018
All Day - Saturday 13th October 2018
featuring Empress, Gun Law, Kandy, Invisible Sons, Purple Zebras, Rory Holl and White Room
Thursday 9th May 2017
The Petty Heartbreakers
Friday 10th May 2017
The Blueflies
Sunday 12th May 2017
January 2017...
All day new year music extravaganza in aid of St Gemmas Hospice.
Kicking off at 1pm we have some if not most of Yorkshires finest blues musicians for your listening pleasure including....
Paul Middletons Angst Band, The Wolves, Blind Dead McJones, Supercell, Hoodoo, Big D Beaumont Band, Rory Holl and Friends, Christy Herron Trio, The Mighty Quinns, Jed Thomas Band, The Men, 5 After Midnight, Dogfinger Steve and many more....
There'll be a raffle, undercover bbq with guest slots from top leeds chefs and Ltd edition Duck and Drake t-shirts available on the day too!
St Gemma's Hospice
History is important at The Duck & Drake - history of Leeds, of Beer, of PUBS, even the history of live music - some of which is depicted on a massive mural across the back wall of the bar - spot the legend.
Inside The Duck & Drake
Today the Duck & Drake still has examples of its’ Victorian beginnings. With a typically Victorian Façade, the marble doorway jambs are also a fine example of the era. There are also a number of original lightfittings and the floorboards in both bars have survived 200 years of trade.
The Duck & Drake Public House Leeds West Yorkshire Simon Colgan outside the duck and drake
It is thought (Rachel D T Lockwood Ale-Inn-Research 2005) that a public house has stood on or very close to the present site for over 200 years. That's a lot of history.
...and this came in from Debbie - who emailed the site.
"just a quick word about the history section of your web site. The pub was bought by Jim Wright who created the TFC alehouses, Nigel and Kath were actually the first people to run the Duck and Drake not Dusty - he came much later. If you go to the Fighting Cock (hence TFC) in Bradford there are pictures of all the pubs in the chain above the bar.It sells good range of real ale and has a superb jukebox so well worth a visit!"
...which makes some of this below (in bold) incorrect - can't remember where we got it from but I guess the gist is that "dusty' wasn't the very first landlord of the D&D it was Nigel and Kath...

The pub has existed under several different names including THE HORSE & GROOM & THE BROUGHAM'S ARMS. During the second world war Broughams had a reputation for being a place where women would meet and entertain American GI’s. It wasn't until 1985 - while the pub was under the care of landlord Roy ‘Dusty’ Morley - that the name changed to The Duck & Drake. Though the present name is represented in the form of waterfowl it actually refers to the pastime of skimming stones on water called “ducks & drakes”.

Then this arrived today (9/04/12) from Howard (thank you)

"I worked as barman and bar/cellarman at The D&D for quite a long time. Your history section has an error. Dusty was not landlord in 1985 when the name changed. At that time it would have been Les Moon."

If you have any tales about the pub over the years that you think other people might be interested in then please send them in.
Leeds Guide visits the Duck & Drake

“It couldn’t have come at a worse time,” ruminates new Duck & Drake owner Simon Colgan about his latest venture, “…cosmically, everything was wrong about it, but I had people emailing me saying, ‘You can’t let this happen, you’ve got to do something about it.’” By the time Colgan took over the pub in September of this year, it had been closed for several months and had fallen into a state of disrepair.

Renowned by those on the live music circuit for the vibrancy of his Blues Bar over in Harrogate, punters believed Colgan was the man to inject some magic into what had become a dreary and forgotten place - soon enough, he was being urged to come to Leeds and revive the Duck & Drake. Just a few months on and the place is livelier than it’s been in years. The old regulars are returning, the pub’s heavenly selection of real ales reads from a chalkboard like an order of service in the corner of the room, and posters dotted around the place showcase local performers set to take to the stage in the coming weeks.

Simon Colgan outside the duck and drake

As murals of former soul and blues legends decorating the bar area demonstrate, live music is at the forefront of Colgan’s vision for the Duck & Drake. Visitors to the pub are awestruck by just how much it brings the place to life. “Oh, you ought to see this place on a Sunday”, remarks one regular, “the atmosphere’s electric.” And that atmosphere isn’t just confined to weekends – Colgan promises a musical spectacular for seven days a week.

With acts including “Serious” Sam Barrett, Hijak Oscar and Resurgence lined up to perform at the pub over the next month and a fine range of ales on tap, there’s more than one reason to drop into the Duck & Drake - a historical tavern of local treasure situated just a stone’s throw away from the city’s market and train station.

Sarah Allen visited The Duck & Drake for The Leeds Guide Dec2009